6th International Neonatal
& Maternal Immunization Symposium
Fostering Scientific Collaboration Across Nations
March 12-14, 2024 - San Jose (Costa Rica)

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Welcome and Introduction
MRC Laboratories
Beate Kampmann
Umberto D'Alessandro
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Ajoke Sobanjo-TerMeulen
Basic Science Underpinning Immunization Strategies in Pregnancy and Infancy
Influence of Pregnancy on Vaccine-Induced Immunity
Arnaud Marchant
The Developing Immune System and the Impact of Maternal Antibodies
Tobias Kollmann
The Role/Impact of the Microbiome on Host Immune Development and Early Life Vaccine Responses
Pinaki Panigrahi
Breast Milk, Infection and Antibody - Help or Hindrance?
Philippe Van de Perre
What is the Current State-Of-Play for Vaccines Already in Use or Earmarked for Maternal/Newborn Immunization?
Elke Leuridan
Influenza Vaccination in Pregnancy
Clare Cutland
RSV Vaccines for Pregnant Women and Infants
Pedro Piedra
Group B Streptococcus
Paul Heath
Franscesco Berti
Other Vaccines Under Discussion for Maternal or Neonatal Immunization
Pneumococcus - Where is the Field Relating to Mothers and Newborns?
David Goldblatt
Prevention of Meningococcal Disease: The MenAfriVac Experience in Pregnant Women
George Wak
Safety & Acceptability of Vaccination in Pregnancy
Challenges at the Maternal/Infant Interface: Interactions Between Obstetricians/Midwives and Vaccine Researchers
Denise Jamieson
Vaccine Acceptancy in Pregnancy
Pauline Paterson
Initiatives to Standardise Reporting Safety Endpoints & GAIA
Jan Bonhoeffer
Forum to Debate Opportunities and Challenges Facing Maternal and Neonatal Immunization Strategies
What are the Views of Industry?
GSK, Novavax
What Are the Views of Potential Funders? Perspectives on Investment Into Neonatal/Maternal Immunization Strategies
How Could/Would/Should WHO/EPI Integrate Changes in EPI Schedules to Accommodate for Maternal/Neonatal Immunization?
Martin Ota
Dawda Sowe
Summary of the Meeting and Final Remarks
Beate Kampmann