6th International Neonatal
& Maternal Immunization Symposium
Fostering Scientific Collaboration Across Nations
March 12-14, 2024 - San Jose (Costa Rica)

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Opening Remarks
Ener Cagri Dinleyici
Opening Lectures
Millenium Development Goals Regarding to Neonatal and Maternal Morbidity and Mortality
Kim Mulholland
Rotavirus Vaccines: Beyond Newborn Period to Infancy
Timo Vesikari
Early Life Immune Development
Development of Innate Immunity
Ofer Levy
Neonatal Microbiome and Its Impact on the Development of Mucosal Immune System
Pearay Ogra
The Impact of Perinatal Immune Development on Mucosal Homeostasis and Chronic Inflammation
Mathias Hornef
Impact of Environment vs. Genetics on Early Life Vaccine Responses
Maternal Infections and Their Role in Postnatal Vaccine Responses
Nicolas Dauby
Immune Tolerance Induction by Breastfeeding: Mechanisms and Possible Therapeutics Implications
Valerie Verhasselt
Inhibition of Vaccine Responses by Maternal Antibodies
Stefan Niewisk
The Genetic Regulation of Infant Immune Responses to Vaccination
Melanie Newport
Rationale for Pertussis Booster Vaccination Through Life
Ulrich Heininger
Pertussis Infection During Early Infancy
Vytautas Usonis
Cocoon Strategy
John Roord
Tdap Vaccines During Pregnancy
Scott Halperin
Cost Effectiveness of Pertussis Booster
Maarten Postma
Influenza Infections During Early Life and Pregnancy: Lessons Learned from H1N1 pandemic
Ronald de Groot
Influenza Vaccines During Infancy Period
Kathryn Edwards
Maternal Influenza Vaccines Effect on Mother and Fetus
Marc Steinhoff
Group B Steptococcal Infections
Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neonatal Sepsis
U─čur Dilmen
GBS Epidemiology, Clinical Findings and Prognosis
Paul Heath
Neonatal Development of Cellular Innate Immunity to GBS
Philip Henneke
GBS Vaccines
Karen Slobod
Meningococcal Infections
Changing Meningococcal Epidemiology
Mehmet Ceyhan
Why We Need Potential Meningococcal Vaccines During Infancy Period
Federico Martinon Torres
Meningococcal B Vaccines
Marco Safadi
Quadrivalent Conjugated Meningococcal Vaccines
Susanna Esposito
Meningococcal Vaccines in Pregnancy
Paul Heath
RSV Infections
RSV Infections: Epidemiology, Clinical Findings and Prognosis
Octavio Ramilo
RSV Prophylaxis With Palivizumab
Bosco Paes
RSV Vaccines
Janet Englund
Pharmacoeconomic Analysis of RSV Prevention
Maternal Immunization
Maternal Immunization During Pregnancy: Current Recommendations
Munoz-Rivas Flor
Current Recommandation About Immunization of Premature
David Baxter
Regulations and Policies About Clinical Studies in Pregancy and Neonates
Plenary Session
CMV Vaccines
Marc Schleiss
MRSA Vaccines
Robert Daum