6th International Neonatal
& Maternal Immunization Symposium
Fostering Scientific Collaboration Across Nations
March 12-14, 2024 - San Jose (Costa Rica)

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Burden of Neonatal/Early Infections That Need To Be Prevented and Rationale Expanded Neonatal Immunization
Kim Mulholland
Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation of Neonatal, Infant and Maternal Vaccination Programmes
Philippe Beutels
Basic Neonatal Immunology
Development of the Innate Immune System of the Human Newborn
Tobias Kollman
Development of the Adaptive Immune System in Early Life
Arnaud Marchant
Mucosal Immunology in Neonatal Period
Pearay Ogra
Early Life Vaccinology
Duration of Passively Acquired Maternal Antibodies in Infants
Elke Leuridan
Determinants of Humoral Immune Response Against Polysaccharide Vaccines in Newborns
Mustafa Akkoyunlu
Developmental Biology of the Innate Immune System
Implications for Neonatal and Infant Vaccine Development

Ofer Levy
Microorganism Specific Neonatal Immunity: Group B Streptococcus as a Paradigm
Philipp Hennekke
Immunization of the Premature Infants
Kadriye Yurdakok
Safety Issues Associated With Early Immunization
Neal Halsey
Maternal Immunization: Adolescents to Adults
Adolescent Immunization Schedule
Mustafa Hacimustafafaoglu
Prospects for Global Control of HPV Disease
Marc Kane
Adult Immunization Schedule
Esin Senol
Immunization During Pregnancy: Recommandations and Safety Issues
Wolfgang Mauser
Influenza and Pandemic H1N1
Influence of Maternal Influenza Antibody on Infant Antibody Response
Janet Englund
Influanza Vaccines During Infancy
Timo Vesikari
H1N1 Infections During Pregnancy
Peter McIntyre
H1N1 Vaccines During Pregnancy
Kathryn Edwards
H1N1 Pandemics: Lessons To Be Learned and WHO Perspective
Neal Halsey
Pertussis Diphteria Tetanus
Pertussis, Tetanus and Diphteria Vaccine in Adolescents and Adults
Vytautas Usonis
Prevention of Pertussis and Tetanus Among Pregnant and Postparfum Women
Trudy V. Murphy
Infant Immune System to Pertussis and Pertussis Vaccine During Newborn Period
Peter McIntyre
Immunization Practice in Early Life
Neonatal Protection Against Hib Including Maternal Immunization
Kim Mulholland
Global Control of Hepatitis B With Vaccine
Pierre Van Damme
BCG Vaccine
Mustafa Bakir
Rotavirus Vaccination in Early Newborn Period and Infancy
Tim Vesikari
RSV Infection
RSV: Epidemiology and Clinical Findings
Janet Englund
RSV Infection: Prevention
Nuran Salman
Meningococcal Infections
Meningococcal Vaccines in Newborns, Children
Mehmet Ceyhan
Meningococcal Vaccines in Adults and Pregnancy Period
Ziad Memish
Pneumococcal Infections
New Pneumoccocal Conjugate Vaccines
Susanna Esposito
Pneumoccocal Vaccine in Adults
Murat Akova
Potential New Vaccines
Group B Streptococcal Vaccines
Paul Heath
MRSA Vaccines
Robert Daum
Cytomegalovirus Vaccines
Mark R. Schleiss